2019 Leagues

The Nutana LBC offers a number of programs for all ages, commitment, and skill levels.

Regular League: Our regular leagues run Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the summer (May 31st-August 30th). The season is set up as mini-leagues for different events (ie. 3 weeks of mixed 4's; 3 weeks of women's/men's pairs; 3 weeks of mixed triples; etc), each with their own playoffs. Members may sign up for as many or as few of these events as they wish and prizes are awarded to winners at the end of the season!

Scratch Bowling: "Scratch" is a term that essentially means pick-up bowling. Scratch is held every night of the Regular league play for those not signed up for the current event, and is also held on Saturday evenings and Wednesday mornings. Members may show up and roll Scratch on any of these days that suits their fancy. Scratch bowling starts May 31st and runs until it's too cold and miserable to bowl!

Mixed Triples: This adult recreational league is specifically tailored for bowlers of all skill levels. The format is mixed or matched triples teams, and it is held every Wednesday evening at 7PM starting June 5th to August 7th. The atmosphere of this league is fun and easy-going with intermittent BBQs and other fun events. For information on how to register your team contact Rachel Larson at larsonrachel76@gmail.com

Junior Program: Our Junior program is run by Grant Wilkie, an enthusiastic club member who has competed numerous times at the national and international level in junior and senior events. The program is open to youth ages 8 to 18 and lessons are held at the club on Saturdays at 6PM.  No registration is necessary, drop-ins are welcome.  

For information on any of these programs or to find out how to register, please contact
Anne Mathewson (almathewson@hotmail.com) or (306.382.0080).